Surfrider Foundation Australia (SFA) was founded in 1991 largely in response to poor water quality issues along Australia's east coast. Local surfers, being at the forefront of water quality, began recruiting volunteers for a series of demonstrations and actions to persuade decision makers to take action on this ongoing issue. The group has been working hard to protect Australia’s coastlines ever since.

Since it's humble beginnings and as we celebrate our 25th year of operation, SFA has grown to over 15 volunteer branches and many more volunteer beach representatives tackling local and national coastal environmental issues at a sea-roots level around Australia.

The Surfrider Foundation Australia operates through a network of grassroots branches who take volunteer action to protect our ocean, waves and beaches through campaign, program and educational initiatives in their communities.

Margaret River

The Margaret River branch was originally formed over a decade ago but has been running in its current form since 2008.

This branch has been involved in two big wins over the last few years. We stongly supported the "No oil for SW beaches" campaign in which we lobbied against the granting of oil leases off of the Margaret River coast. 

The group is focused on several issues including:

1. Campaigning for our local Marine Parks

2. Campaigning for a WA Cash for Containers Deposit Scheme

3. Implementing dune restoration programs

4. Beach clean up and marine debris/ plastic awareness

Drew is the president of the Margaret River branch and can be contacted on 0411 515 291 and margaretriver@surfrider.org.au

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Surfrider Perth (SP) is the newest addition to the Surfrider Australia family. It was only founded in September last year (2012) with the branch having one of the youngest demographics of all branches They are really energetic in making waves! Even though Perth is not renowned for its waves (rather lack thereof!) there is huge support for Tom in the local surf culture and wider community. Tom and Saphron work closely with other marine-focused groups and local councils. SP’s major campaign focus is aligned with the international Surfrider “Rise Above Plastics” campaign, and tries to tackle the issue of marine debris and single use plastics in a number of creative ways!

We have a monthly committee meetings at our HQ on the first Sunday of every month. We usually have an arvo-sunset BBQ where everyone BYO’s food/ drinks and we make sure it’s a fun, social time as well! We are always looking for more enthusiastic people to come and get involved in our little tribe (all ages – from young groms to older salty dogs!). Aside from help organising SP initiatives we also need financial and resource support, so get in touch to get involved in whatever way you can on: perth@surfrider.org.au.

You can find out more information on how to sign up to become a volunteer / or join our updates list.

Tom Wheeler is the president of the Perth branch and can be contacted on perth@surfrider.org.au and 0429 679 022.

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