Surfrider Meeting with the NSW Minister for the Environment

Surfrider Foundation's Rise Above Plastics campaign coordinator, Susie Crick, will be meeting with the NSW Minister for the Environment, Ms Gabrielle Upton, in early June to discuss a single-use plastic bag ban in NSW.

Surfrider Foundation Australia is asking the NSW State Government to implement a ban on single-use and biodegradable plastic bags. Australians use over a million plastic bags each day and these bags are choking marine life and poisoning our beaches and waterways. Plastic bags are created with petrochemicals that are designed to last forever and simply don't mix with nature. Single-use plastic bags never disintegrate and break up into tinier micro particles that never truly biodegrade. 'Biodegradable' bags have the same problem. Do not be fooled by their name and think that they will melt or disappear.

Shockingly, only about 3% of plastic bags get recycled in Australia. Don't be green washed by policy-makers, the plastics industry and big chain retailers who bully the government into seeking soft biodegradable alternatives that still wreak havoc on marine life. It's time for NSW to say NO to single-use plastic bags. 


South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory all have bag bans, and Queensland are implementing their bag ban in 2018. NSW, Victoria and West Australia can't lag behind on this important issue.

We all live downstream and no matter which State you live in, plastic bags could wash up on your shores. We need our rivers, waterways and beaches to be clean and plastic free.

Please help Surfrider Foundation #BantheBag by signing our petition.


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