Surfrider Foundation Australia State of Our Surf

1993 Report 

State of Our Surf is an ongoing review by Surfrider Foundation Australia into the state of Australia's coastal environment. Launched in December 1992 the review has concentrated efforts in 1993 on establishing a database of Australian surfing beaches, the aim of which is to provide information on land use, development, pollution, access and recreation at beaches represented.

This report presents the interim results, not exhaustive, nor expressing any final view, but as part of an ongoing project, the aim which is to provide baseline data for the conservation work of the Surfrider Foundation Australia. 

The source of data that forms the basis of this report has been a network of volunteers, local surfers and fisherfolk who, through their combined efforts, have surveys more than 400 Australian beaches. This network is, and will remain, the driving force behind Surfrider Foundation efforts to protect and enhance the quality of Australia's coastal environment. Their care and respect for our beaches and oceans, couples with local knowledge, is what gives Surfrider Foundation it's credibility as a grass roots, community based, conservational organisation.

View report here. 

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