Our ‘Ocean Friendly’ program was created in response to increased pollution in the coastal zone and ocean gyres with the aim to stop excessive plastic entering our waterways.

The aim of this free national accreditation program is to reduce single use plastic at its source through the promotion of hospitality businesses & events along Australia’s vast coastline that undertake sustainable business practices.

By implementing 6 simple changes to reduce single-use plastic at its source in favour of reusable items and non-plastic alternatives, a business can greatly reduce it’s impact on the planet and save money.

The program further encourages participating venues to reduce their environmental impact by undertaking efficient water and energy usage as well as ensuring food and other consumables are ethically sourced.

Businesses that implement the 6 mandatory measures will receive our Ocean Friendly accreditation, in store promotional collateral, promoted via the Surfrider Foundation Australia website, social media and community platforms and receive supporting in store promotional collateral. The programme is available to food & beverage businesses, festivals, markets, canteens and other related outlets.

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To apply for your business to be certified, review Surfrider’s Ocean Friendly criteria below and contact us below. Our Ocean Friendly team will contact you to discuss the steps your business needs to undertake to receive Ocean Friendly accreditation.

Download Ocean Friendly Pamphlet

For further information contact oceanfriendly@surfrider.org.au


1. No expanded polystyrene foam use(for example Styrofoam)
Establishments must not use any polystyrene food packaging.

2. No single-use plastic straws
Establishments must not offer single-use plastic straws.

3. Reusable tableware is used for ‘dine in’ & non-plastic utensils for takeaway food
Establishments must not use single-use plastic tableware or utensils.

4. No water sold in plastic bottles
Establishments offer water in glass containers as opposed to single-use plastic bottles

5. No plastic bags offered for takeout orders
Establishments must not offer single use plastic bags.

6. Proper recycling practices are followed
Establishments provide an easily visible recycling disposal option for customers.

We also encourage the following:

7. Discounts offered for reusable cup, mug, bag, container
Establishments must offer a discount (minimum 30c) for customers who bring reusable items.

8. Energy efficient LED lighting and Energy Star Appliances;
Low environmental impact lighting systems and appliances must be in use.

9. Vegetarian/Seafood sustainable options
Vegetarian options are offered. Avoid seacage/farmed aquaculture, with all seafood certified as sustainable. Source ethical and local produce.

10. Water conservation efforts
Conserving water used for cleaning, and installing low flow taps and toilets