Give the Gift of Surfrider

Make a Meaningful Impact with a Thoughtful Gift Are you searching for a gift that makes a difference? Look no further. offers an inspiring opportunity to gift a year-long subscription to the Surfrider Foundation for just $60. This unique present is more than just a token of appreciation; it’s a commitment to safeguarding our oceans and coastlines.
How It Works

  1. Choose the ‘Gift a Membership’ option on our website.
  2. Complete your purchase with a simple and secure checkout process.
  3. The recipient receives an elegant digital membership code and instructions on joining the Surfrider community.

Your Gift, Their Journey By gifting a Surfrider membership, you’re not just offering a one-time present; you’re inviting someone to join a year-long journey of conservation and advocacy. The recipient will gain access to exclusive updates, educational content, and opportunities to participate in local and national Surfrider events


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