Surfrider Foundation Australia (SFA) was founded in 1991 largely in response to poor water quality issues along Australia's east coast. Local surfers, being at the forefront of water quality, began recruiting volunteers for a series of demonstrations and actions to persuade decision makers to take action on this ongoing issue. The group has been working hard to protect Australia’s coastlines ever since.

Since it's humble beginnings and as we celebrate our 25th year of operation, SFA has grown to over 15 volunteer branches and many more volunteer beach representatives tackling local and national coastal environmental issues at a sea-roots level around Australia.


The Ballina branch recently formed Surfrider Australia's newest branch over the shark eco-net injustice at Lighthouse Beach. The Ballina branch and can be contacted on operations@surfrider.org.au or 0424 352 792.

For further information on the shark eco-net issue, please visit: http://www.surfrider.org.au/ballina_branch_formation_shark_econet

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Byron Bay

The president of the Byron Bay branch is Ben Miller and can be contacted on byronbay@surfrider.org.au or 0424 564 998

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Coffs Coast

Our new Team is leading the resurfacing of the Coffs Coast Surfrider. Please email them on coffscoast@surfrider.org.au if you want to be part of the rising tide of change on the Coffs Coast.

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Joe Glendinning is leading the way for the newly formed Cronulla branch. To join, contact Joe at cronulla@surfrider.org.au

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Eastern Beaches (Bondi)

Jessica Pritchard is the President of the buzzing Bondi Beach branch. If you're interested in joining the community please contact Jess on 0411 042 018 or bondi@surfrider.org.au

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Allen Grimwood is the president of the Eurobodalla branch and can be contacted on 0408 258 877 and eurobodalla@surfrider.org.au

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Hunter Region (Newcastle) 

Here in the Hunter Region our waves and beaches are our lifeblood. They bring so much enjoyment to our day to day lives. Not only do we have the pleasure of numerous National Parks along our coastline, we are also privileged to have one of only 9 World Surfing Reserves across Australia, Merewether Beach.

The ethical and sustainable management of our coastlines is the right and responsibility of every individual and/or business that uses it. As a community, we must ensure that this remains true.

Surfrider Foundation Hunter Region is made up of passionate and dedicated surfers and beach goers that wish to form a voice for our community. Together, with your support we can ensure the health of our beaches and waves will be maintained for generations to come. If you're interested in joining the Hunter Region branch, please contact Simon Jones on 0431 484 408 or via email newcastle@surfrider.org.au

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The newly formed Manly branch is now up and running with President, Jude Furniss leading the way. If you're interested in joining the Manly branch or offering some of your time to volunteer, please contact Jude via email at manly@surfrider.org.au.

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Northern Beaches

The Northern Beaches Branch was one of Surfrider Australia's original branches and is still going strong 20 + years on! Major campaigns over its life include the upgrade of Warriewood Sewage Treatment Plant, protesting the proposed seawall for Collaroy/Narrabeen Beach 2002 with the famous "Line In The Sand" and thwarting the proposed overdevelopment of Long Reef SLSC on 2 separate occasions. The branch has representation on council committees and work closely with environment centres in Manly and Pittwater. The success of our committee is built on longevity of tenure through friendships of key personnel along with a welcoming attitude to new inductees and supporters. Beach Cleans, Ocean Care Day, Dukes Day and International Surfing Day are how we engage the public as well as campaigning and the odd fundraiser. Always looking for another face and bod to lend a hand so if you live anywhere around the Northern Beaches give us a call on 0422 900 501 (Brendan) or send an email to bdonohoe@surfrider.org.au.

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South Coast

Susie Crick is the president of the South Coast branch and can be contacted on 0425 244 172 and southcoastnsw@surfrider.org.au 

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University of Wollongong 

Surfrider Foundation UOW Club and Society is a hands on initiative operated and run by University of Wollongong students to aid the current efforts of Surfrider Australia. Surfrider UOW will be involved in beach cleanups around the Illawarra region, activism and education surrounding reducing plastics in everyday life and protecting the ocean including surf breaks and marine life through campaigns. President of the UOW (To Be Advised). Please contact if you are interested in the position on 0424 352 792 or at uniofwollongong@surfrider.org.au

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