North Narrabeen Beach Update (Endangered Wave)


Following a series of East Coast low pressure weather systems and heavy swells in 2013, the erosion of the dune at North Narrabeen (creating a sand ‘cliff’) was deemed severe enough to warrant emergency works to be undertaken by Warringah Council. The Council reshaped the sand 'cliff' back to the angle of repose (34 degrees) to reduce danger to beach users. This will improve sightlines of the break from the carpark area as advocated by Surfrider Foundation Northern Beaches Branch and agreed to by Council in recent negotiations.

The heavy swells over recent months and resultant erosion (dragging sand back into the break) reinforce Surfrider Northern Beaches case that the break needs more sand to work properly. Wave improvement has been obvious since the erosion events and dune reshaping returned sand to the offshore banks. More dune reduction between the lagoon entrance and the surf club is required to return sand to the break. Council works currently underway to reduce the sand cliff will result in more sand being returned to the break, with an expected improvement in wave quality.

Surfrider continues to liaise closely with Council, North Narrabeen Boardriders and NNSLSC on this issue.


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