Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Environmental Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Vision Statement

Surfrider Foundation Australia is committed to fostering a just, equitable, diverse and inclusive organisation for all people who protect and enjoy the world’s ocean, waves and beaches. Our success and impact depend on learning from our community, standing in solidarity with our allies and working toward a more just future, both for our organisation and the environmental movement as a whole.


Our ocean and coasts are public spaces and we believe that access to healthy and clean coasts and a vibrant ocean should be for the benefit of all people. But around the world, too many people have been excluded, disproportionately impacted, and not welcomed to our coasts. These people have been disenfranchised from decisionmaking about these shared resources.

For over three decades, Surfrider has fought for the protection and enjoyment of our coasts and ocean for all people through active engagement, but we fell short in proactively welcoming and empowering everyone to be part of our organisation.

To address this shortcoming, Surfrider seeks to infuse the principles of Environmental Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) into every aspect of our work. With JEDI principles ingrained in our work, Surfrider will become a more just and powerful organisation.

Diversifying our network of activists and integrating the perspectives of underserved communities helps us gain the knowledge and power to better protect the environment.

We must make these changes to further and improve the work of Surfrider and share equitably in the wealth, joy and benefits of healthy and vibrant coastal communities. 

    To achieve that outcome, we will pursue:

    Environmental Justice

    • In consultation and partnership with marginalised communities, consider the potential impacts of our work as it relates to advancing environmental laws, regulations and policy justice outcomes for these communities.
    • Actively seek out, listen, support and amplify mission-relevant issues that impact these communities and understand our shared challenges.


    • Approach and assist all activists interested in working with Surfrider according to their needs.
    • In our mission work, develop goals and work toward outcomes that address inherent inequities that prevent marginalised communities from fully realising the benefits of coastal protection and enjoyment.


    • Continue fostering a Surfrider that attracts a diverse group of people who work together equitably toward our shared goals.


    • Create spaces in our clubs and chapters that are inviting, welcoming, accommodating, knowledgeable, supportive, and safe so that anyone who wants to engage in our mission can do so in a manner that is comfortable to them.
    • Intentionally reach out to underrepresented and diverse communities and people, listen to their viewpoints, and equitably include them in Surfrider decisions.