Visual Amenity

1. We are concerned by the visual impact of the proposed bridge and associated pylons, particularly when considering the addition of the light rail bridge.  To reduce the visual impact of the bridge, further consideration should be given to the location and design.  Options should be considered to reduce the bridge’s height, noting that Currumbin Creek is not navigatable by high-masted sailing craft.  Any lowered height bridge would provide improved accessibility and ease of use. Additional consideration should be given to re-position the proposed bridge under the existing bridge, providing reduced visual impact and improved shade opportunities. Consideration should also be given to reduce the number of pylons. 

Environmental Impacts 

2. Please provide more detail on the extent of any vegetation clearing and impact on marine plants, particularly along the southern riparian zone.  While the flythrough video states that vegetation is to be retained, the planning should carefully consider the required clearing for the bridge and construction requirements, and provide a detailed vegetation management plan demonstrating the retention of this vegetation.  Additional consideration should be given to the public access connection between Duringan Street and the existing pathway along the beach frontage.  Due to significant amounts of vegetation along this corridor, careful consideration of any design will be required.  These impacts should be considered as part of this project, noting that to gain public benefit from the new bridge will necessitate this connection. 

3.  Please provide detail relating to impacts on beach protection and erosion.  Bridge construction, particularly pylon construction, can potentially release sediment to Currumbin Creek, impacting water quality.  Detailed erosion and sediment control plans, flood management plans, and construction management plans should be provided demonstrating how the waterway and nearby Currumbin Alley will be maintained in accordance with the relevant water quality objectives specified in the Environmental Protection (Water and Westland Biodiversity) Policy 2009 – Currumbin and Tallebudgera Creeks Environmental Values and Water Quality Objectives.  Particular attention is required for dewatering activities associated with any pylon construction. 

4. Please demonstrate that the pylons will not impact sand transport (and thereby surf amenity), noting that sand movement from Currumbin Creek plays an important role in the quality of surf at Currumbin Alley.  Currumbin Alley forms part of the World Surfing Reserve, and surf amenity forms a key principle of Gold Coast City Council’s Surf Management Plan and the Queensland Government’s Protections for World Surfing Reserves in Queensland discussion paper which is anticipated to be implemented by mid 2023.  The investigations should include detailed CFD modeling, under varying flow conditions, demonstrating no change to the flow and velocity of Currumbin Creek and the surfing amenity of Currumbin Alley.


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You love your ocean, your beach, your wave. This is your opportunity to put your money, time and energy where your heart is and support the Surfrider Foundation Australia’s passionate volunteers as they work to protect what you love. All donations are tax deductible.


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