We kicked off 2022 with a bang, moving onto our next campaign, saving our Southern seas from the continued expansion of the fossil fuel industry. These wild southern coastlines and the communities that inhabit them are home to some of the cleanest and most pristine waters in the world that local communities rely upon for recreational fishing, surfing, commercial fishing, diving and everyday living. 

Unfortunately the fossil fuel industry is heavily targeting our Southern Ocean, exploiting the waters between North West Tasmania and the West Coast of Victoria. This includes what is known as the Otway Basin, Sorrel Basin and parts of the Bass Basin, which means that unique and world renowned areas, including the 12 Apostles, King Island and the Great Ocean Road are all under threat. 

It seems both the oil and gas companies and our governments are hellbent on turning the Great Ocean Road into the Great Ocean Industrial Gas Zone, with the area fast becoming an offshore hub for gas production. Drilling for gas in our wild southern oceans is a disaster just waiting to happen. Offshore gas rigs and heaving 20 foot monster swells charging in from the south west are a dangerous combination. Not to mention the destructive impacts these gas corporations are having on the climate crisis as they pillage our planet all in the name of greed, leaving our communities vulnerable and crushing the hopes of future generations. We need your help, please take action today and sign the petition below to make change.