Surfrider Central Coast is situated on Darkinjung land. We would like to pay our respects to ancestors, and elders past and present.

Surfrider Central Coast is the newest branch of Surfrider Fundation, Australia. We are a group of dedicated and passionate community members that are devoted to protecting the pristine beaches, waves and oceans of the Central Coast area.

Central Coast is a close-knit community known for its beautiful beaches, picturesque waterways and lush national parks. It has become a tourist hotspot. Yet, this looks to be under threat from overdevelopment. In turn, Surfrider Central Coast was established.

New to the Surfrider family, we have picked up two campaigns in a matter of 2 months. Working with other branches, we have successfully helped spread support and garner attention for the PEP-11 campaign. The Save Our Sand campaign is Surfrider Central Coasts own campaign. We came together and formed a group called Wamberal Beach Save Our Sand to stop the pending seawall that would likely destroy Wamberal Beach.

If you are from the Central Coast or love our beaches we would love to have you join our team. Please contact us!!

President Hugh Naven
[email protected]

Photography by Aristo Risi @aristorisi



Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 is the licence to drill for offshore gas in the Sydney Basin. The area includes 4,500 square km between Newcastle and Manly.

Surfrider Foundation Australia is opposed to seismic testing and offshore gas and oil drilling in Australian waters. Our nation’s oceans, waves and beaches are vital recreational, economic and ecological treasures that will be harmed as a result of the industrialisation of our coastline.

Our community will NEVER accept a gas field off the coast of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Central Coast and the Northern Beaches. Gas drilling poses an unacceptable risk for ocean habitat, marine wildlife including migrating whales, and productive local fishing grounds.


Wamberal Beach Save Our Sand is a campaign that began prior to the establishment of Surfrider Central Coast. Surfrider Central Coast has absorbed the campaign and are now leading it.

Surfrider Central Coast are against the proposed seawall at Wamberal Beach and are campaigning to prevent the destruction of our beach. According to a range of studies, a seawall at Wamberal Beach will destroy the beach over the long term. The available public i formation I dicates any hard structure built on beachfronts leads to fast track erosion and eventually destroys the beach. Hence, the proposed seawall is against community morals and against the best interests of Central Coasts.

The Save Our Sand campaign has had extreme success. SOS have galvanised the local community over the environmental protection of the beach for the whole of the community in a very short time, by promotion of awareness, research, legislature and public forums for the benefit of the all of the community. Within 6 months the campaign has already received environmental awards such as the Rookie of the Year from Community Environment Network. The campaign also boasts a community following and engagement with over 4,000 people.


The Surfrider Foundation Australia’s ‘Ocean Friendly’ program is an adaption of the Surfrider Foundation US ‘Ocean Friendly Restaurants’ program, created in response to increased pollution in the coastal zone and ocean gyres with the aim to stop excessive plastic entering our waterways.

The aim of this national accreditation program is to reduce single use plastic at its source through the promotion of hospitality businesses & events along Australia’s vast coastline that undertake sustainable business practices. By encouraging businesses to take single use plastics out of their operations, we effectively stop plastic pollution from littering our beaches.

During 2019 our Northern Beaches branch accredited over 60 local venues and school canteens as Ocean Friendly.


You love your ocean, your beach and your waves. This is your opportunity to put your money, time and energy where your heart is and support the Surfrider Foundation Australia’s passionate volunteers as they work to protect what you love. Join us and help us achieve our vision of 100% protection of Australia’s coastline.


You love your ocean, your beach, your wave. This is your opportunity to put your money, time and energy where your heart is and support the Surfrider Foundation Australia’s passionate volunteers as they work to protect what you love. All donations are tax deductible.


Our network of 18 branches around the Australia serves as the first response to local threats to coastal communities.They are made up of dedicated volunteers who collaborate on both the local and national level to carry out our mission. Find your local branch below to get involved.