Activist Spotlight: Meet Winter Vincent, Rockstar Coastal Defender and Surfrider Ambassador

We recently launched our Ambassadors Program and are excited to introduce you to our youngest ambassador, Winter Vincent.


What are your major accomplishments & career highlights?

Surfing highlights for me are winning the NSW State U12 titles 2 years in a row and winning the Australian Open of Surfing U14 when I had just turned 11. I am proud of what my Waves for Water Surf to School Day project is achieving. A surf-themed mufti day with a gold coin donation, it is a fun day that shows that Kids can Make a Difference (provide clean drinking water to those who need it) and have fun along the way.


What will you do in 2017 to make a positive impact?

This year I am travelling around the world and I plan to encourage other kids to get involved in something they believe in. Kids can make a difference in the world and I want them to know that when they take action they inspire everyone to be better and do more for our planet. 


What does the ocean mean to you and why should it be protected? 

The ocean means a lot to me. It makes me happy, it is like a second home to me. I love the surf it provides, obviously, but it is more than that. When I am in it or near it I feel at home. It is everyone’s home. If we trash it, we have no other home to go to. 


The most amazing place I've travelled to is…

Indonesia, because of all the amazing waves, the warm tropical water and beautiful islands. It is so beautiful but the plastic rubbish in the water is really bad. Also Southern California, especially Trestles, because I love running down the path, across the train tracks and across the sand dunes to get to one of my favourite waves on the planet.


Why do you think people should get involved with Surfrider?

Because if we don’t all take action then our ocean will be a rubbish dump and who wants to live in rubbish? Humans have created a big problem with plastic and so it is up to us to find solutions. Anyone, anywhere can get involved with Surfrider and help our planet. 


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