Activist Spotlight: Meet Stella Crick, Rockstar Ocean Photographer and Surfrider Ambassador

Surfrider is excited to introduce you to Stella Crick, a freelance ocean photographer and Surfrider Foundation Australia Ambassador!


What are your major accomplishments & career highlights?

In no particular order…

 - Photographing for major brands across the swim and surf fashion industry, like O’Neill and Billabong. 

 - Free diving (not in a cage) with sharks in Hawaii to overcome my fear of sharks and learn more about them so I can better educate others.

 - Winning the SURFEST Wandiyali Indigenous Classic (2014) at Merewether Beach Newcastle, where I took out the Open Women’s division. 

 - Competing against some of the best long boarders in the world at the Roxy Waikiki Classic in Hawaii (2012) where I made the semi finals.

- Working my dream job as a National Parks and Wildlife Service officer. 


What will you do in 2017 to make a positive impact?

I am aspiring to do more community work. I was recently a guest speaker for ‘The Girl Campaign’; a program that travels around to schools, teaching young girls about self acceptance and self love. It also has a focus on the way media portrays females and the use of photoshop to portray unrealistic representations of the female form. The program ultimately aims to improve body image and put an end to bullying. My other main goal for this year is to keep inspiring others to reduce their reliance on single use plastic. This can be achieved by ‘saying no’ to plastic straws, cutlery, bags, unnecessary packaging and takeaway food/drink containers. Through my social media following, I aim to inspire others to make a difference and think about their choices. This will have a ripple effect and hopefully change the mindset of many people. 


What does the ocean mean to you and why should it be protected?

The ocean is my ‘go to’ place, it brings me so much joy, so it’s only a natural thing that I would want to help care for and conserve it. I go to the ocean to feel free and calm, I will always come out a happier person once I’ve had my dosage of saltwater therapy. It is also a good lesson giver; it makes me feel small and insignificant, teaching me about patience and respect for mother nature. When you go to the ocean, it is the boss. You can’t get too big headed when you’re in it, because right when you start feeling in control, it puts you in your place with a big wave or strong current and reminds you who’s in charge. 


The most amazing place I've travelled to is…

I can’t choose one singular place as I’ve been lucky enough to see so many beautiful places around the world. Tropical places make my heart melt, so whenever I go traveling I am always drawn to the Pacific islands. The islands of Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii and the Cook Islands are all so amazing. Other places on my bucket list to visit are Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga and the Maldives. 


Why do you think people should get involved with Surfrider?

Australia is an island, we are connected to other continents by the expansive ocean, and therefore it is our responsibility to make sure that we conserve it for future generations to enjoy. Through simple acts like beach cleans, we show others that we are good role models to the rest of the community. It is an amazing feeling to give back to something you are passionate about. I couldn’t think of a better way to ‘pay it forward’ than standing up for the marine environment.




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