Activist Spotlight: Meet Juliana Bahr-Thompson, Ocean Life Guard, Environmentalist and Surfrider Ambassador

We are excited to introduce to you our next activist Juliana Bahr-Thompson. Jules is a professional ocean lifeguard, high school PE teacher and environmentalist who currently studies paramedics. 



What are your major accomplishments & career highlights?

Completing a 180km open ocean board paddle from Newcastle to Bondi to raise funds and awareness for Surfrider in 2015, then upping the paddle distance in 2016. Completing a 1000km open ocean board paddle from Newcastle to Noosa to raise funds and awareness for domestic violence and Surfrider Foundation.


What will you do in 2017 to make a positive impact?

Continue my daily beach cleans, eliminate my use of single use plastics and change the way I shop to reduce purchasing packaged goods. As I jump back into the classroom to teach, I will pass on these morals and values to my students.


What does the ocean mean to you and why should it be protected?

The ocean means everything to me, it’s a place where I feel more myself, empowered, calm, energised, tiny, humble and inspired. I’m forever grateful to the ocean and the opportunities and lifestyle it has provided me.


What did you do for Surfrider?

I did multiple rather extreme ocean paddles covering a large amount of the Australian east coast. I put my life on hold and paddled to make a difference. I figured if I did something crazy enough then people would take notice.


Why do you think people should get involved with Surfrider?

Surfrider is more than a conservation group, it’s a community and family full of the most generous and genuine people I've met. Not only do we have a connected love of the ocean and waves but we all see the importance of preserving the luxuries we have today for future generations.



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