Senate report on Marine Plastic Pollution released

In April 2016, the Senate released the Final Report of its inquiry into Marine Plastic Pollution. This inquiry had been initiated by Green's Senator (Tas), Peter Whish-Wilson (a former Director of Surfrider Foundation). Surfrider made a written submission and also gave evidence in-person to the inquiry.


The Committee's report includes 23 recommendations (incorporating all of those made by Surfrider in its submission). The recommendations have received tri-partisan support from the major parties (Coalition/Labor/Greens). It is now up to the Government to commit funds to implementing the recommendations, which include:

  • a ban on single use plastics across all states;
  • banning micro-beads;
  • researching the impact of marine plastic pollution on human health.

For more information, click on the link to the final report. Click Here

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