Rubbish 4 Coffee

Join our Ocean Friendly community of cafes up and down our vast coastline jumping on board our Rubbish4Coffee initiative to clean up our beaches through the simple act of sharing a coffee!

With 8 million tonnes of litter making its way into the ocean annually, we’re on a mission to clean up our beaches and instil pride in our communities with your help through the simple act of sharing of coffee!

Your regular and visitor customers can earn their caffeine hit for free & make our beaches shine by collecting the trash they come across along the way.


Simply sign up your business for a free Rubbish 4 Coffee Starer kit then...

  • Invite customers to pick up a Surfrider branded bucket

  • Fill it full of rubbish from the beach or foreshore

  • Swap it at your cafe for a free coffee or other drink at your discretion.

  • Snap a photo of their eco ninja efforts and tag your café #rubbish4coffee #surfriderbuckets


RUBBISH 4 COFFEE is an Ocean Friendly initiative of Surfrider Foundation Australia and its ongoing commitment to combat plastic pollution in our oceans and inspire local businesses and communities to reduce their plastic footprint. 

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