Meet the Team

The Surfrider Australia Team


Brendan Frawley

National Director

I love the ocean, the waves and beaches. Australia has an enormous coastline with so many amazing, unique and diverse ecosystems. To me its more than just a place of recreation, fitness and enjoyment. Its our home, it's life, it's everything. The next 25 years are critical for its conservation. If we want the next generation to have what we all grew up with and collectively took for granted then we all have to do something about it - now.

Something draws me to the ocean... I grew up in Southwest Queensland in Roma and learned to surf at Broken Head on annual family holidays. It was a lifetime goal of mine to live by the ocean, which I finally realized in 1997 when I moved to Sydney. I was able to commute to Curl Curl and surf weekly. However, it did take another 10 years to convince my family to move to the Northern Beaches. My local beach is now Longreef (past 10 years), and I'm proud to say it's where my kids are learning to surf and to do their part for the ocean. My kids often help out with Surfrider beach cleans and take the message to school with them. I find it so fulfilling to hear or read their assignments on the same issues that we are fighting at Surfrider. It may sound a little cliche but even if we lose the battle today, the fight will continue through their education and awareness.

When I was a kid we would twist in the sand, burying our feet as the waves washed back and forth trying to find pippies. Now my kids pick up bottles, bags and cigarette butts. So much has changed in just one generation and so much needs to change for the next one.


Dr. Kevin Roche

National Director

Originally from New Zealand, Kevin splits his time these days between Australia and Indonesia. During his day job Kevin is the Chief Financial Officer of a research and development company that works in the natural disaster space. An economist by training, Kevin’s main expertise is in the economic cost of natural disasters and the implication of sea level rise on the coastal strip. Kevin also has significant teaching experience at the post-grad level in coastal management and has designed and taught executive education programs on disaster management. Somehow over the years Kevin has convinced his bosses that he can work just as effectively remotely. So he uses this time wisely along the eastern end of the Indonesian Archipelago.

Kevin chairs the Finance and Governance Committee at Surfrider Australia and has a passion for trying to make peoples lives easier by using technology in and around the workplace. Surfrider should see some benefits of this soon. Kevin has been a keen surfer for 28 years and first became interested in Surfrider when he discovered he was surfing in hazardous waters after storm events on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Susie Crick

Susie Crick

National Chairperson, Rise Above Plastics Campaign Director and South Coast Branch President

I'm originally from Manly Beach NSW, but moved to the South Coast to raise a family. Formerly a competitive professional ice (figure) skater and Elite coach in Figure Skating, and Gymnastics.

I have my Bachelor of Education in Art/Music and Diploma in Graphic Art / Design.

I have been working for the past 28 years as an International Flight Attendant for Qantas Airways as well as being the Director / Owner of Planet Childcare in Coledale for the past 19 years. (Planet was built for my children, so that they could attend a quality preschool with an education in the environment and social, sustainable responsibility).

I ride a longboard very badly, and prefer small waves. I love snorkelling and swimming (in the ocean) and love holidaying in the Pacific. I have an unfortunate characteristic of picking up rubbish, preferably off beaches. I dislike plastic.

John Foss

John Foss

National Director, Surf Coast Branch President and Surfrider Life Member

I have been an active member of Surfrider Foundation since 1993 at the local, state and national level. During the last twenty odd years I have worked together with a fantastic group of surfers and beach lovers to organise rallies, beach clean ups, revegetation days, band nights, film nights, Indigenous workshops and a wide range of other activities. I have been Surfrider's representative on the Bells Beach Advisory Committee, produced a number of educational kits and videos, written what seems like a hundred submissions and spoken to everyone from students and councillors through to politicians about what matters.

I live in Torquay with my amazing family and a nine year old daughter who has been picking up beach litter since she could start to walk. She loves the beach and hates cigarette butts. Hopefully her generation can lead positive changes into the future

Scott McClelland         
National Director, Creative Director
Originally from Melbourne, I grew up spending most weekends in the non-tropical waters of Port Phillip Bay. I then spent 20 years living in Singapore, Cape Town, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Shanghai helping brands sell stuff but now work with them to find purpose and do good. I am currently based in Byron Bay trying to earn good karma points by making the world a better place for my 2 kids to grow up in.


Craig Macintyre       

National Director, Sunshine Coast Branch President

I've been a fan and supporter of the Surfrider Foundation since about '96 when I heard a few of my favourite bands on a compilation cd benefiting Surfriderhave been an active member since 2008 and President of the Sunny Coast branch since 2013.  I'm a very active coastal conservationist, having spearheaded and assisted with a heap of projects, events and campaigns at a local and state level that are creating changes and influence. Am passionate about educating through action to create positive change and also enjoy challenging and encouraging crew in my 'other lives', within the building and music industries. I'm proud to be a part of this organisation and stoked to now be helping out on a national level.  I love the beach, the ocean and surfing, and feel it's our duty to protect it all in every way.  Cya out the back...



Genevieve Dennis     

Business Affairs & Communications Manager             

I've lived in Sydney for most of my life and have always enjoyed the bounties of coastal living. My earliest childhood memories are of collecting shells along the beach. When I go for my daily beach walks I still see an abundance of shells but now I spend more time picking up marine debris than admiring the beauty of a perfectly formed shell.

I've always been attracted to wild, open spaces and I ended up living in another wilderness, Canada, for six years. Whether it's oceans or mountains, human impacts are everywhere. I feel passionately about treading lightly on this planet and enjoy working in an organisation with the same philosophy. My career includes chapters in advertising, environmental management and grassroots events, all of which are ultilised in my role with Surfrider. I have a Bachelor of Education and a Masters of Environmental Management.

I'm particularly interested in reducing single-use plastics and take pride in watching my family make positive modifications to reduce their own footprint. I'm inspired by the boundless energy and passion of the Surfrider Directors, Branches and Members.

Science, Sport, Art, Music and Community intersect wonderfully at Surfrider and I'm thrilled to be at the heart of all of it.