Good news - a small victory for Surfrider Surf Coast

This development would have had a negative impact on the walking track to bells Beach and coastal vistas between Winki Pop and Bird Rock. Surfrider wrote a letter opposing this development after consultation with our members.

The Surf Coast Shire Council formally rejected the plans for 5 Broadbeach Rd to construct a dwelling and to remove vegetation on the 14th Dec.

The reasons given for the rejection were:

  • the proposed development will be visually intrusive to the detriment of the landscape and the view sheds of the Surf Coast Walk.
  • will break the ridge-line and will form a silhouette against the sky.
  • fails to achieve reasonable sharing of views and will result in the loss of amenity from adjoining properties including the Surf Coast Walk.

A small victory for planning and the environment!!

Thanks John and the Surfrider Surf Coast community.


John Foss of Surfrider Foundation's Surf Coast Branch shares some good news...

"Results are in and the proposed development and removal of vegetation at 5 Broadbeach Road, Jan Juc has been refused a permit from the Surf Coast Shire."

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