Surfrider Foundation Australia strongly believes in the power of education and learning to create positive change in our community and environment. The environmental challenges we face today are enormous and each of us has a role in educating ourselves and others about the importance of protecting our coast and oceans for future generations to enjoy.



Our resources are provided free for teachers to use in every school and classroom. Our goal is to improve learning and understanding of our coast with the aim of making it fun and engaging for students and teachers.When using our resources we ask that you acknowledge Surfrider Foundation Australia and encourage your students to become members and help us protect the coast.


Unit of Work
RISE ABOVE PLASTICS – How to stop our ocean from turning into a plastic soup! (50 minute class room presentation/discussion with on-line video)

Year Levels: Upper Primary / Lower and Middle Secondary
Subject Areas: Environmental Studies, Outdoor Education, Science, Humanities
Learning Intent: Students will discover the impact of plastics in the coastal environment at the local level.Background Notes: Plastics are a major pollutant of our oceans and waterways. They pose a significant threat to marine and coastal wildlife.

Suggested Time Allocation: 50 minutes
Delivery Mode: Powerpoint presentation / Microplastics - On-line video


RISE ABOVE PLASTICS is designed to be delivered as a stand-alone unit of work in the classroom.

Download the powerpoint presentation and/or PDF and/or share with your students. Discuss key topics/points of interest as you progress through the powerpoint. Ie/ how many types of plastic can you see in the classroom?

(Powerpoint video coming soon)
( coming soon)

When you reach page 12, students will be required to view the on-line video Microplastics –The Silent Killers In Our Seas (
At the conclusion of the video discuss as a class what the students learnt about microplastics, their impact and how you can find them at your local beach.

Page 15 of the powerpoint concludes with a short class activity.

For an extended outdoor activity you could take a group of students to the beach and replicate the Microplastics video nurdle collection exercise or participate in a local beach clean up run by the Surfrider Foundation.


EDUCATION - COMMUNITY (Content coming soon)

EDUCATION - INDUSTRY (Ocean Friendly Establishments:Content coming soon)

EDUCATION - CORPORATE (Content coming soon)



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