Contiki CARES about marine plastic debris

The group of bloggers, surfers, designers, musicians, photojournalists, filmmakers, photographers and social media experts joined Contiki’s sustainability partner Surfrider Foundation Australia on a VIP conservation trip, to highlight the massive environmental and health problems associated with marine plastic debris and shine a light on the tiny little issue of plastic micro-beads.


Surfrider highlighted the plight of plastics polluting our oceans by arranging for a remote beach clean, a Boomerang Bag sewing b

Stockyard Point's Five Rocks hour and a half north of Yeppoon is accessible only by 'real deal 4WD' so john McGrath from the Capricorn Coast Branch organised the local 4WD Club to convoy the crew up there through torrential tropical rain, big dune country,and littoral rainforest swathes of which were devastated by Cyclone Marcia in February this year. In just one hour our team of 15 picked up 115 kgs of essentially small fragments of plastic debris washed ashore the nearest substantial town being Gladstone a further 2 hours south of Yeppoon so where is all this coming from? It sure got em all thinking!!ee at Avalon in and then off to Bondi to see what can be found on urban beaches that are regularly raked by council clean teams.


The following Saturday our StoryTellers joined us in Avalon on Sydneys Northern Beaches to stitch a few Boomerang Bags with BB Founder and Surfrider Gold Coaster Jordyn de Boer. Boomerang Bags started on the Gold Coast a couple of years back and are spreading like wildfire for good reason. BBs is community caring, taking real and positive action to raise awareness and reduce disposable bag use. The kids loved it and wandered Av markets for an hour or two before a tour of the beaches.

Sunday saw us at Bondi and a different but equally significant enlightening beach clean hosted by our resident mermaids Kate Nelson and Emma Metcalfe urban less volume but still substantial considering the regular council cleaning Bondi receives. Drinks all round at Bucket List then fond farewells Surfrider and Contiki brain it again!


Check out our StoryTellers here to get their reactions and while you are at it sign our petition to ban plastic micro-beads.

Contiki StoryTellers Tackle Marine Plastics Head On

A selection of 9 inspiring storytellers from around the world with a social media reach of over a million people traveled down the east coast of Australia with Surfrider Foundation.

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