Commonwealth Marine Reserves Review 2015

Surfrider Foundation Australia is a nation-wide environmental organisation dedicated to the enjoyment and protection of oceans, waves and beaches. We believe marine parks are an important mechanism in managing ocean ecology and protecting biodiversity from the beaches to the seas. We have active, local branches across each bioregion in the reserve network.

Surfrider was involved in the original stakeholder discussions during the development and creation of the Commonwealth marine reserve network, and we applauded the Australian Government at the time on the proposal to create over 2.3million km2 of new marine reserves across the Coral Sea, South-west, North-west, North and Temperate East marine regions.

We believe, however, that there remain significant gaps and conflicts of zoning in the reserve network and, believe the following are vital in ensuring the primary goals of the marine reserves are met:

  1. Retain the existing zoning in all Commonwealth Marine Reserves - at a bare minimum.
  2. Improve and expand the marine national park zones (marine sanctuaries) as advocated by the scientific community.
  3. Implement the marine reserves immediately, with marine national park zones retained and improved.

As regular ocean-users and steward of our seas, we are passionate about seeing the most positive outcomes for our oceans. For further details on Surfrider Foundation Australia Commonwealth Marine Reserves Review submission please contact national office.

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