Demand SAND for Collaroy/Narrabeen


In 2002, we STOOD for the beach and drew a LINE IN THE SAND. Over 3,000 members of the local community came together to protect our beach.

SEAWALLS profoundly DAMAGE BEACHES as well as SURF QUALITY. You can see this at Narrabeen/Collaroy right now.

We must DEMAND MORE SAND to cover and compensate for the rock seawall. Substantial reserves of suitable sand can be found a few kilometres offshore and could be readily transported to repair the dune-damaged beach.

Please let the council you that you LIKE THE BEACHES SANDY!

Visit: Click Here to have your voice heard.


Surfrider generally agrees with principles of the Draft Coastal Environmental Policy, particularly the preservation and maintenance of beach and surf.


Key issues to be addressed:

  1. Primacy of public beach over property
  2. Requirement for more sand so rock wall exposure is rare


  1. Beach Amenity
  2. Funding for ongoing maintenance especially sand nourishment

Surfrider's general comments:

  • Private properties need to sign off in perpetuity for maintenance of rock walls protecting property removing them from the public beach after every damaging storm event.
  • Private Properties need to be charged an annual fee similar to rates for on going nourishment purposes as walls will damage beach.

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