Surfrider in Action: The Great Coral Sea Marine debris cleanup and bio-discovery voyage 2016


Surfrider Foundation will be partaking in the upcoming Great Coral Sea Clean-up and Bio-discovery Voyage. The voyage will take members from Parks Australia’s Marine Protected Areas team along with CSIRO and several marine debris NGO representatives, including Surfrider, on a 12 day trip (11thJun – 23rd Jun) around islands in the Great Coral Sea to:

  • Collect data on levels of micro-plastics and marine debris;
  • Conduct island clean-ups; and
  • Undertake in bio-discovery and bio-security surveys through the Bush Blitz program

Surfrider's Andy Gray, president of our Uni of Wollongong branch, will be taking part in the journey on behalf of our foundation. Follow Andy's live journey here to experience the biodiversity of the Great Coral Sea, to develop a better understanding of marine debris, and to gain insight on the quarantine issues associated with the Coral Sea Commonwealth Marine Reserve. 

Here is a map of the Great Coral Sea Clean-up and Bio-discovery Voyage that illustrates the route that Andy and the crew will take around the reefs.

Watch the video below to learn more about the history of the Great Coral Sea, as well as the importance of any research and conservation efforts that aim to protect its future. 

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